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Your Local Caravan Dealmakers!

Your Local Caravan Dealmakers!

Caravan RV Central Queensland is an independent locally owned and operated family business situated in Rockhampton.

With over 30 years experience in the industry you will enjoy upfront and trusted information from a sales team dedicated to matching you to your perfect caravanning experience. 

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Oz Cruiser

Oz Cruiser

Oz Cruiser caravans are focused on building a tradition of high quality versatile recreational vehicles suited to our rugged Australian terrain which will encompass every aspect of the nomadic lifestyle. Encompassing reliability, luxury, family friendly, off road and touring models.

To achieve our goal of excellence the total range of Oz caravans must encompass reliability, luxury, family friendly, off road and touring models and we pride ourselves on strict attention to detail and unbending quality control measures.

The inspiration to design and manufacture Oz caravans for our customers comes from the years of experience and naturally sourcing only high end quality materials and employing the very best minds to create custom built masterpieces.

Finally, having only experienced distributors who are directly involved in the product and ordering phase of your build is extremely imperative. We are proud to be associated with caravan RV central Queensland and assure our customers that James and his team are fully trained in the factory process.

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Oz Cruiser

Melbourne Australia.







Introducing the Blackhawk Off-Road range by TITAN CARAVANS.

Caravan RV Central Queenslandis the only place you will see the entire range on display. Featuring a revolutionary design incorporating the smart luxurious hand crafted finish you desire along with a tough TRUE OFF-ROAD construction that will make sure you get to the most remote campsites in 1 piece.

Contact us today to arrange an inspection and see for yourself why TITAN CARAVANS is the new name in All Australian Off-road Caravans !!!

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